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Blonk Quality Ingredients


Alex Blonk, 4th generation grain trader and originally grain collector, founded trading firm Blonk QI in Antwerp in 2009. Assisted by Stefaan Christiaensen, who currently takes on the daily lead of the company, we continue this tradition of generations.

Within our motivated team the same core values are close to our hearts, being quality, efficiency and structure combined with a clear focus on the future.


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Our team

Alex Blonk Manager/Trading alex@blonkagri.com
Stefaan Christiaensen Manager/Trading stefaan@blonkagri.com
Vincent Morre Trading vincent@blonkagri.com
Olivier Time Logistics olivier@blonkagri.com
Anouk Pannemans Logistics anouk@blonkagri.com
Katrien Debaecke Accounting boekhouding@blonkagri.com